Important Message for Non-Members

Think you are better off without the Union?

Before CWA the word was NO!

  1. No guranteed Wage Incraeses
  2. No incentive award pay (Annual Bonus)
  3. No double and one-half time payfor Holidays
  4. No time and one-half pay for Sundays
  5. No overtime pay after 8 hours
  6. No double time pay after 49 hours
  7. No call-out pay
  8. No paid absence allowance
  9. No bereavement pay
  10. No jury duty pay
  11. No military duty pay
  12. No illness pay
  13. No paid relief periods
  14. No long term disability pay for or benefits
  15. No severence pay
  16. No company paid life insurance benefits
  17. No company paid medeical Hospitalization surgical benefits
  18. No company paid dental benefits
  19. No company paid vision benefits
  20. No company paid uniform benefits
  21. No lump sum retirement pay
  22. No pre-retirement survivorbenefit (retirement paid to your estate)
  23. No 30 years full benefit retirement
  24. No savings plan
  25. No 401K match
  26. No rotation of premium time worked time off
  27. No representation
  28. No employment security
  29. No senority
  30. No grievence administration process
  31. No safety and health programs
  32. No work standards
  33. No promotional opportunities
  34. No preference on shifts (choice of hours)
  35. No shift premiums

A few reasons to say YES to CWA