We met with the Company November 17, 2021, to continue Effects Bargaining over the mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine mandate. We rejected a series of Company proposals that wouldn’t treat each employee’s circumstance fairly and equally. Bargaining is recessed for the day and we will be working with the Company to secure future dates to get back to the table. The Company confirmed today that they will extend the date to be fully vaccinated from December 8, 2021 to January 18, 2022. To be fully vaccinated employees must have their 2nd shot by January 4, 2022. Look for communications on that. They also continue to work through medical and religious exemption requests.

CWA Bargaining Committee,

Jon Remington, CWA Staff, District 2-13, representing the T&T Office
Susie McAllister, District 7 Legacy Qwest Bargaining Agent
Lisa Avila, District 7 Legacy Qwest Bargaining Agent

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