Local 3140 Partnered with TWU and MIAA Management to raise $47,00 for a great cause and had  great time doing so.
The call began with a brief description of CWA’s Executive Board COVID-19 Vaccine Position Statement which can be found at this link: CWA Executive Board COVID-19 Vaccine Position Statement
Third Quarter Joint CWA AT&T Occupational Safety and Health Meeting Notes
Please see the attached communication that is being sent to employees today to help them be organized as a DIRECTV employee. The Company states these are not new items, more of a checklist for employees.
Please see the attached notice regarding the DIRECTV Pension Plan that will be distributed today to employees. The Company provided the following summary of the updates:
(2.4) - The CWA Vice President or Stewards may be granted paid union leave for legitimate Union business upon the request by the Union President or his/her designee, as requested to the Chief of Employee and Labor Relations. Such leave shall not exceed one day and may be withheld if operational conditions do not permit.
Bargaining resumed today and as we were meeting with the company over their decision to sell off DTV we were informed that the deal was completed and would be announced at close of the stock market
Effects bargaining between CWA and AT&T kicked off this week, via virtual conference, regarding the sale of DirecTV.
After twenty-six (26) years of dedicated service to our Union, Beverly Chatterson, our Secretary in District 3's South Florida Office will be retiring on 07/15/2021. She will be greatly missed but we wish her all the best in her retirement.
Vice President Honeycutt welcomed everyone to the call and thanked them for their participation. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Dan Semich who died as a result of an on the job injury involving a mid-span ladder accident. There was discussion around the ladder accident and the mid-span work function which included a reminder of the Company’s mid-span ladder policy change in Consumer Field Operations announced in March, 2021.