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Your bargaining committee continued to caucus today in preparation for meeting with the company tomorrow morning.
Your bargaining team met with the company today. The company still shows little sign of movement.
Your bargaining team continued to work through Saturday with no movement by the company.
Your bargaining team continued meeting with the hope that the mindset of AT&T would change.
Your bargaining team met with the company today in an effort to gain positive movement. We continue to meet, facing an obstinate employer that seems to not understand or care about your needs.
CWA President Shelton attending the CWA D3 AT&T SE Bargaining Rally on August 15, 2015 in Atlanta, GA
Your bargaining team is continuing to meet with the company today. A few of our goals are:
Your bargaining team caucused today in planning and preparation for our next move. We are planning to meet with the company tomorrow. The company has begun to bring in security guards and scabs in multiple locations across our area.
Slide show capturing Rally held in Atlanta on Saturday August 15 in front of the AT&T Building