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The AT&T Southeast Utilities and Billing bargaining units have voted to ratify their contracts:
Brothers & Sisters, I have attached several documents which detail the specifics of the BST, Utilities, & Billing Tentative Agreements.
I am proud to report that your bargaining teams have reached tentative agreements covering the AT&T Southeast, Utilities, & BBI Contracts
The parties continue to meet in an effort to bring closure to this session of bargaining. Differences still remain but headway is being made.
Your bargaining team met with at&t today and expect to return to the table later this evening.
Your bargaining team has spent some time preparing for a late afternoon meeting with AT&T.
Your bargaining team continued to meet among ourselves today. We submitted a data request for information to use in preparation for an appropriate counter proposal. We hope to meet with the company again tomorrow.
The bargaining team met with the company today and received their counter proposal.
Your bargaining team is scheduled to meet with the Company later today to receive their counter proposal.