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About District 3

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District 3 is responsible for servicing all CWA locals in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina and Puerto Rico. There are over 200 locals in our district representing more than 72,000 workers in private and public sector employment. Our diverse membership is employed in a wide variety of industries that include: telecommunications, airline, health care, public service, printing and news media, broadcast and cable television, higher education and corrections officers.

The District now has 2 Organizing Coordinators and 3 fulltime time local organizers. Over the past year we have had great success in organizing the workers at AT&T wireless. CWA now represents about 8,000 AT&T wireless workers in 15 different locations throughout the district. This is one of the most successful organizing campaigns in the South in the last 40 years and reflects well on the hundreds of local officers and members who participated this effort. We continue to bargain to organize and most recently secured recognition and a contract for 350 workers at This approach helps us achieve recognition for new endeavors by the companies where we already have a long relationship.

In the last election cycle CWA was active in dozens statewide and local political elections throughout the District. In each case we worked to elect candidates who were supporting the needs of the working women and men that we represent. We made special efforts to make sure that all of our members were familiar with the issues and the candidates positions. We then encouraged everyone to go out and vote.