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History of Juneteenth

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To many Juneteenth has stood as an annual celebration of family, food and freedom, but just as the 4th of July serves as a commemorative day for the many years of battles fought for freedom, the Juneteenth holiday commemorates lesser known battles, but equally hard fought victories for freedom.

It is a pivotal historical holiday celebrating that all Americans are free. Today, we as a Union are fighting for worker's rights and Juneteenth not only celebrates the freedom from working while enslaved, more importantly is celebrates the fight for Human Rights.

As a way to share the history of the Juneteenth holiday the District 3 Human Rights Committee, with approval from our VP Richard Honeycutt, explored, in detail, stories surrounding the hidden history and positive impact of the Juneteenth holiday.

In a five-part series we explore how Juneteenth marked the true ending of the Civil War, the patriotism and bravery of the United States Armed Forces in the fight for true unequivocal freedom, a victory over a year-long insurrection and the emergence of Black commerce and freedom in the United States post legalized slavery.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five