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2015 CWA ATT BBI (Billing) Bargaining Report #4

The BBI bargaining team met with the company on Thursday and discussed the outstanding proposals.  Proposals were temporarily agreed to clean up language (changing names of plans and eliminating reference to Bell South Internet Service etc) , changes in the "request for time off" process and pay for time off for limited election training. A temporary agreement was made to continue the following letters that were agreed to in 2012 bargaining.

  • The letter agreeing to allow as many employees off as possible on MLK Jr day
  • The letter that recognizes the need for managers to exercise the usage of "service requirements" in a spirit of good faith.

Other proposals made by either  the company or union concerning holidays, recall rights, flex days, service requirements, no layoff clause, restricting the time for night differentials, jurisdiction of work, term pay and sickness payments prior to eligibility were rejected. 

Issues such as wages, benefits and pensions etc, will be addressed at the Common Interest Table.

At this time the BBI table is in recess, subject to call, pending action of the Common Interest Table.


In Unity

Your Bargaining Team