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Today your bargaining team had several meetings with the Company. We were able to make some progress toward a fair contract. We have tentative agreements on extending pay for military personnel called to active duty and a renewal of a letter to pay an employee when the company is not able to accommodate restrictions when returning from an approved short term disability absence.

The Company may be beginning to change its ostentatious attitude towards its employees. It is important to continue your mobilization activities, they are making a difference.

Thanks to Local 3607 for the treat bags.

Thanks to Local 3406 for the hand sanitizer telling AT&T not to screw with our healthcare.


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It’s Our Turn


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Your Bargaining Committee


Mike Fahrenholt – CWA Rep District 3 – Chair

Thelma Dunlap – Administrative Director District 3 – Co-Chair

David Betz – Alabama

Jonathan Campbell – Kentucky

Herman Junkin – Mississippi

Al Guillory – Louisiana

Johnny Hernandez – Florida

Chris Myrick – North Carolina

Jason LaPorte – South Carolina

Gene Redd – Georgia

Robert Santucci – Tennessee