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2015 CWA ATT Utility Operations Bargaining Report #6

The bargaining team met at the Utility Operations table today and passed a proposal to expand the definition of time worked. We then had discussion around the other proposals on the table, and once again were disappointed the Company’s comments were centered on flexible work rules and costs of adding improvements to the contract.

We reached a tentative agreement on contract clean-up language which was related to the dissolution of a former entity and renewal of an MOA regarding promotional wage treatment.

The Company gave us a general idea of which Union proposals they may or may not be interested in, and the Union did the same for the Company’s proposals. We did not schedule the next meeting as we are caucusing to prepare counter proposals, but we are subject to call at any time at the request of either party.

Work safe and stay strong. Your mobilization efforts are not going unnoticed.

It’s Our Turn!

Your Bargaining Committee:

Billy O’Dell – CWA Rep District 3 – Chair
Ben Price – Kentucky
Gail Shewalter – South Carolina
Jason LaPorte – South Carolina