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2015 CWA Print Media Bargaining Report #19

13 Nov, 2015

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! It has been brought to the attention of the Bargaining Committee that there is some confusion on where negotiations are with the Company – we hope that this update clears some of the confusion.

The Company and your Bargaining Committee have discussed a total of 67 proposals over the last 12 weeks. Most of those dealt with changes the Company wanted to make to articles that have been in place since the days of Southern Bell. Some of these articles are still applicable to how Print Media operates today and some of them are just outdated. We have tentatively agreed to changes in those articles that either no longer apply to Print Media or are in need of being changed due to Print Media now being a single location company. The articles that are still left on the table pertain to:

• changes in the length of a work day

• changes in the length of a work week

• changes in at what point overtime begins

• changes in at what point overtime is paid to PT employees

• changes in Employment Security article

• changes to the severance table

• changes to the healthcare offerings

• changes to the Sickness Payments prior to Eligibility under Short Term Disability

• and finally the wage scale increase plan for the next three years

So how is there light at the end of the tunnel you ask? Your Bargaining Committee has presented the Company with proposals pertaining to each of these items that we believe is in the best interest of each of our members and the Company is finally giving them serious consideration. As each of these items are resolved we will announce them in future updates

The next meeting with the Company is scheduled for Friday November 13, 2015.

In Unity,

M.M. Smith - Chairperson
Tony Maronski
Gary Lawrence
J.R Rhodes


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