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2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #2


2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #2 1/25/23

 Your Mobility Bargaining Committee met today with AT&T Company representatives. The company started the day by rejecting our pension proposal. The committee made it clear that a defined pension is a very important issue to our members, and we will continue to advocate for it! The company then passed a counter-proposal to our holiday proposal. The committee will discuss the company’s counter proposal and prepare a response. The union passed multiple proposals to the company to improve compensation, job security, and safety.

 The union will continue to have meaningful and powerful discussions with the company to ensure what is best for our members is brought to the table. The bargaining committee appreciates all the encouraging messages and support we have received from our members. We ask that you continue your mobilization efforts and remember…stay CWA STRONG! 

In unity, 

Your Bargaining Committee, 

Kelvin Banks (Chair)
 Andee Hubbard (Co-Chair)
 Mindy Boldon, Local 3108
 Karen Nagjee, Local 3204
 Tammy Harmon, Local 3406
 Rodney Hughes, Local 3607