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2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #3

2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #3
2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #3


2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #3  01/27/2023


The Mobility bargaining committee continued discussions with the company today. Today’s sessions began with the parties tentatively agreeing to add Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a permanent holiday.  We also submitted proposals to add new job titles, improvements to funeral leave, and other proposals to address the many concerns of our members. We continue to review the company’s counter-proposal to the various improvements we submitted on overtime and call-out pay. The committee also spent time today reviewing the company’s benefits and commuter proposals. 

The hard work of our CWA members contributed mightily to the strong 4th Quarter earnings that the company recently reported, and we deserve our fair share!


In unity, 

Your Bargaining Committee, 

Kelvin Banks (Chair)
Andee Hubbard (Co-Chair)
Mindy Boldon, Local 3108
Karen Nagjee, Local 3204
Tammy Harmon, Local 3406
Rodney Hughes, Local 3607