3rd Quarter 2021 Joint Safety Committee Minutes

Third Quarter Joint CWA AT&T Occupational Safety and Health Meeting Notes


Company Representatives

Daniel Bowling (note taker)
James Chandler – C&E
Brian Barfield – CFO
Daniel Harper – UO (on vacation/not present)

Union Representatives

Isa Shabazz

Stanley Long – C&E

Bubba Shewalter – UO 
Matt Wood – CFO (on vacation/not present)


Meeting started at 1:00 pm


Daniel made opening comments.


F Span Clamp – update from Brian Barfield

Trialing it in SE – TN, under Chris Dalton
Manufacturing company stopped making them because they weren’t being ordered 

There is a large amount in a warehouse that CFO is working to order them

Stanley – asked if this fits the different size of strand

o This one appears to be a smaller gauge strand, can be used on different sized strands.

o Construction should have some as well for when they’re replacing the strand.

James – curious about the application for C&E.

Brian – send out 1970 practice, updated APEX document and video. Can fit different sizes of strand.


Isa asked about ladders:

Little Giant Ladder – update from Brian Barfield

CFO made the decision to replace all Werner ladders with Little Giant Ladders

Process in place to start the replacement in CFO this week
1800 to CFO
100 to business services group
100 to Construction (2 ½ per director per month). Take CFO a year, only see minimal amount in construction. CFO uses ladders a lot more than in construction.

Stanley – data on wrecks, work with directors and AVP. Where is the deficiency. Looking for information on wrecks. CFO in Georgia, Brian can provide. James and C&E, share the ones where they have something to gain. Lisa Bennett to check in with Stanley on data.

Harnesses in the bucket truck, hurting people’s back. Not hearing that much in CFO.


Bubba – issue has been coming up but he handled it with them, managers come over from being a WT manager. Don’t do jobs before locates are cleared. Locates aren’t cleared, shouldn’t be digging. Haven’t had a whole lot of discussions about safety stuff. Locates are state/federal laws, can’t just go out and dig. No reason to do anything without locates. Stay hydrated, make sure you keep cool.


Brian – make sure you’re completing the assessment. Important that
they do the assessment. Know that if they aren’t vaccinated, wear the mask, social distancing.


James- Everything was covered.


Meeting concluded at 1:38 pm











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