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AT&T Southeast Bargaining Report #6

ATT Southeast Bargaining Report #6

The CWA/ATT Southeast bargaining team and Company met today. The
Company rejected some of the Union’s proposals regarding converting
Wire Technicians to the Services Technician title, extra vacation time,
protecting chat/digital call volume, increasing Term Pay allowance options
and others. The Company made counter proposals to our Evening/Night
Differential proposal and our Uniform proposal by attempting to eliminate
the SE BST Core Uniform Program. We made another proposal to move all
Wire Technicians to the BST core agreement and upgrade the wages. We
rejected the Company’s proposal to expand the Wire Technician’s scope of
work and rejected the company’s absurd proposal from yesterday that was
to work Wire Technicians in higher rated work for an insulting differential.
CWA’s chair let it be known that the company’s proposal regarding that was
an insult to our members.
Stay organized, stay ready, stay strong!