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Avaya Tentative Agreement

CWA bargainers, under the direction of Chair Bill Bates, have reached agreement with Avaya.

Avaya representatives came to the table speaking from one side of their mouths requesting unprecedented concessionary demands, and speaking from the other side wanting to bargain a fair contract.

As Bargaining progressed, it became increasingly clear to the team that hard decisions would be necessary to bring home an agreement that would meet submitted demands from the membership and, at the same time, protect health care benefits for present and former CWA represented employees.

Ongoing mobilization from the Call Centers provided the backing needed to the bargaining team and sent a message to Avaya of that support. Thank you, Call Centers, from the entire bargaining team.

Highlights of the Agreement:

  • Continuation of Alliance Funding

  • Certification program reduction to offset health care costs (6 months payment suspension)

  • 401K (1 year suspension of match to offset health care costs)

  • Job security for all titles - no layoffs for 9 months

  • Active medical health care benefits - no premiums, no deductible.

  • Retiree medical health care benefits ($15M added to VEBA to offset subsequent years' costs) same as active

  • Improved safety language (paid rest time after unusually long work periods)

  • Improved funeral leaveImproved travel allowances Article 16

  • GPS language letter

  • Voluntary unpaid excused work week (VUEWW)

  • Wage increase: First year lump sum of $1250; second year 2.75%; third year 2.75%

  • Title upgrade - CSAC to CCR

  • Pension increase for active: first year 4%; also reduction of age calculator to age 63 for lump sum.

  • Continuation of Avaya Award

  • Term pay retention

  • Coordinator retention

Further detailed information will be posted on the CWA web site in the near future.

In Unity,

Bill Bates, CWA, Chair
Art Frindt, CWA 4340
Kevin Kimber, CWA 6016
Richie Meringolo, CWA 1101
Phil Pennington, CWA 4320