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CWA Bargaining With City of Jacksonville Bargaining Report #1

CWA Bargaining with the City of Jacksonville

Bargaining Report #1

After several months of delay, CWA is now back in bargaining sessions with the City of Jacksonville to initiate a fair contract for its members. Due to COVID, the City and CWA agreed to postpone and work under the current agreement.

Today 3/24/2021, @9am CWA met with the City's bargaining team. The City has passed several proposals, and The CWA Team is currently reviewing those proposals. CWA will be submitting proposals that we know will benefit our members at our next meeting.

The company passed proposals on Article 9, Article 11, Article 10, Article 14, Article 21, Article 25, Article 26, and Article 29. For CWA to have a successful bargaining session, we need to hear from the members. Some time ago, we asked all members to fill out a bargaining suggestion form. This form is to inform the CWA team about some of your issues and want to see discussed at the bargaining table. There is still time to fill out one of those forms. Please call the Local to get a form. Please fill it out ASAP and return it to the local or one of the Bargaining team members who are listed at the bottom of this letter.

next meeting with the City is scheduled for April 21st. We need all members in the bargaining unit to voice their concerns and demand a fair contract. We need to hear from you! The bargaining team needs your support. Sign up a Non-member.


Your Bargaining Team

Kevin Kimber

Angela Corker

Ed Lukacovic

Benita Dawson

Rebecca Zeigler

Ann River