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CWA/AT&T SE Bargaining Report #41

As the company continues to play games, our Union grows stronger every day. Because of the way they are treated at work by management, CWA members across District 3 were already frustrated with the company before negotiations even began. This frustration continues to grow every day and our members have had enough of AT&T's behavior. CWA is prepared to reach an agreement and settle negotiations today, but not until the company presents us with a fair offer. We are going to continuing the fight brothers and sisters and we hope that you will join us in letting the company know that we are not asking for respect, we are demanding it.


Special thanks to the members of CWA Local 3806 in Memphis Tennessee and their Local President Wayde Boswell. Last night, they hosted an emergency Union meeting. After management found out about the meeting, to everyone's surprise, all of a sudden, the company decided that overtime needed to be assigned. Unfortunately for the company, hundreds of CWA members showed up for the meeting anyway.