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CWA/AT&T Southeast Bargaining Report #36

Our bargaining team has been working hard to reach a tentative agreement and settle contract negotiations.  At one time, it seemed that AT&T also wanted to reach an agreement.  Unfortunately, AT&T's antics over the last two days have sent a clear message that the company has little interest in reaching a timely agreement with CWA that will improve the standard of living for our members.  


In an effort to reach an agreement, CWA presented the company a comprehensive package, outlining what is needed to reach a settlement on a new contract.  AT&T's representatives discussed our issues with District 3 leadership and expressed an interest in bargaining towards an agreement, only to change their position the following day by continuing to insist that our members give back millions of dollars to the company, in exchange for the company's willingness to almost address a couple of the issues that CWA brought to the bargaining table.


Many issues are being discussed in bargaining.  These issues include: 


* Wages & Benefits

* Job security for our members who work in call centers

* The surplus process for our members who currently work under the UFO Addendum

* Seniority protections

* Overtime and additional compensation

* Vacation eligibility and the selection process

* The AT&T Southeast Uniform Program and the Branded Apparel Program 

* Partnership & Tuition Aid

* Health & Safety

* Short Term Disability & Illness Time

* Parental Leave

* Monitoring language for call centers

* Temporary transfers, Meal allowances, and Per-diem


Our bargaining team is currently preparing to meet with AT&T's bargaining team again this afternoon.  We expect AT&T to take the bargaining demands from our  team seriously.  We need to ensure that AT&T understands that our bargaining team is not going to the table on their own behalf, that 20,000 CWA members across District 3, who also work for the company, are supporting our team.  AT&T needs to know that 20,000 of us are ready and willing to do whatever it takes.  Ask yourself, what can I do to make sure that AT&T knows this.  


The future is not set.  There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.