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CWA District 3 Newsletter - Edition #2

20 May, 2016

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the CWA District 3 Newsletter. The goal of this newsletter is to provide a way for news to be shared around our District with each other. Our District is comprised of members who work in a wide variety of fields and this newsletter will offer a glimpse into what others are facing and allow each of us a chance to better understand what our Brothers and Sisters are going through and to realize that we are not alone in our fight. Starting off we intend to send out a newsletter every two months and we are going to be asking Officers, retirees, members, anyone in the District,  to submit items for the newsletter. As we progress, we will modify whatever we need to in order to make it as beneficial as possible and we will also be asking for your input on what you like and do not like about it. Thank you and enjoy.



  • CWA District 3 Women's Committee
  • CWA District 3 Retired Members Council
  • CWA Locals 3607 & 3616 Unity@Mobility Training
  • CWA Local 3403 Appreciation Day
  • CWA Local 3263 - OFS Bargaining
  • Update on Direct TV Organizing
  • CWA Local 3682 Officers attend Advanced Labor School in Raleigh, NC
  • PremTech/WireTech "Train the Trainer" - Atlanta, GA
  • UNION..What does it really mean? Danny Acosta, Organizer, Local 3104
  • May We Not/May We..Phil Coldiron, President Local 3371
  • CWA District 3 Supports Verizon Striking Workers

CWA District 3 Women's Committee


CWA Women's Committee Meeting 2016


CWA District 3 Woman of the Year 2016
Elise Maloof, CWA Managed Care Specialist & Member of CWA Local 3204

The District 3 Women’s Committee met during our District 3 meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida on March 19; we were well attended. Each year the committee sponsors a charity of their pick to raise money for their cause. This year our charity was Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. A video was shown about how Saint Jude was founded that also included an excerpt from the patient’s point of view. The hospital has done wonderful work treating childhood cancer and has helped push the overall cancer survival rate from 20% to 80%. St. Jude’s sentiment is that families dealing with childhood cancer main concern should be helping their child live therefore the families never receive a bill for the treatment or housing of their children.

It is the hospital’s custom to send gifts such as T-shirts, umbrellas, cups etc., depending on how much money is raised to the participants. We elected not to receive the gifts which resulted in $400 donated back to the hospital which would help pay for treatment of a needy child. With our member’s generous donations, the Women’s Committee raised $2865 in the course of 3 days for St. Jude’s. At the end of our Saturday meeting we enjoyed refreshments and door prizes.

Should anyone have any suggestions on charities they would like to see the Women’s Committee sponsor, please send me, Karen Murphy, an email with your suggestions to

During the District meeting we announced our 5th Woman of the Year, Elise Maloof, CWA Managed Care Specialist and Member of CWA Local 3204. Elise was nominated by her Local President, Ed Barlow, for her hard work and dedication to her Local and members to whom she assists with their benefits. Elise received a plaque and gift certificate in appreciation.

District 3 wants to thank Esther Pond, CWA Local 3806 for doing an outstanding job during her tenure as the District 3 Representative for the Women’s National Committee. Vice President Richard Honeycutt announced the new District 3 Representative appointment for the National Women’s Committee, Marsha Vaughn, President of Local 3109.

Thanks to everyone who made the Women’s Committee a success this year. Special thanks goes to Dena Roberts for her donation of the cosmetics gift baskets, the Sage Group for their $500 donation, Sheila Williams-Cain, Thelma Dunlap and NettWorth.

CWA District 3 Retired Members Council

Rita Scott, President CWA/RMC District 3

Our CWA District 3 Retirees met on Saturday, March 19, 2016 during the 2016 CWA District 3 Meeting in Daytona, Florida. Here are some excerpts from Rita Scott, President CWA/RMC District 3 when she addressed the delegates, alternates and guests at the General Session on Monday, March 21.

Recognized and thanked:

  • Gwen Parker, RMC District 3 Vice President
  • Richard Honeycutt, District 3 Vice President
  • Nick Hawkins, Assistant to the Vice President CWA District 3
  • Booker Lester, Administrative Director, District 3
  • CWA District 3 Staff
  • Dusty Winters the immediate past President CWA/RMC District 3
  • James Starr, President Emeritus
  • And all of the CWA Presidents who took the time to come by our Retired Members Meeting on Saturday to address and thank our Retired Members

Asked for CWA fellow Retired Members to please stand

I want to say we are

First of all as I look out over this audience at you my fellow Union Members I must say I never expected to become the District 3 Retired Members Council President. However I am eager and excited to serve my CWA Retired Sisters and Brothers and to support my CWA active sisters and brothers or should I say my CWA sons and daughters who are striving to one day to be retired.

Across District 3 the CWA Retired Members are actively participating and supporting their sponsored Locals in many ways, from answering the phones during the day to filing papers and assisting in any way needed.

It is my Vision to create, stimulate, mobilize, organize, and energize a vigorous Retiree Revolution.

I am asking the Retired Members to adopt a Mission Statement  - "Retired Members Called To Action"

A call to Action means there must no longer be a "US" the CWA RETIRED MEMBERS COUNCIL or "THEM" THE CWA ACTIVE MEMBERS. We are all CWA UNION members and for us to survive as a Union we must find Common Ground, In other words there is no high ground, there is no low ground there is only common ground. Our call to action among other things includes supporting all of our CWA Members.

Among our common issues are Healthcare, Pensions, and Social Security, just to name a few.

If you want to join the National RMC go to the CWA National Website and also for information on your Local RMC Chapter please visit

Remember, we are in this fight together.   In Unity, there is Strength  

CWA Locals 3607 & 3616 Unity@Mobility Training

Greensboro Local 3607 & Winston Local 3616

Joint Unity@Mobility class between Greensboro Local 3607 and Winston Local 3616, on Thursday March 31, 2016. Teaching our members about the Union is a great thing. Everyone said they were learning things they did not know before,
which means this was a success.

CWA Local 3403 Appreciation Day

From left to right: Mollie Merrett (AIL), Brandi Michelli (Mobility Chief Steward), Dwaine Henderson (Local 3403 President), Jo Ann McCauley (Local 3403 Vice President)

On April 24, 2016, CWA Local 3403- Baton Rouge, La. held an appreciation day for CWA members who work in the AT&T Mobility Call Center in Baton Rouge. We served Jambalaya Dinners, with salad, rolls and drinks. Over 100 members came and visited with us and had lunch with the Officers of the Local and Stewards for the call Center.

We spoke with several non-members and actually signed 2 new members. We would like to thank Mollie Merrett with American Income Life (AIL) who provided two $25.00 gift cards for door prizes. The door prizes were won by Kennard Turner and Paula Campbell. Congratulations! We would like to thank everyone involved for help making our day a memorable one. We look forward to our next "Appreciation Day" in the near future.

CWA Local 3263 - OFS Bargaining


CWA Local 3263 mobilizing for a fair contract

CWA Local 3263 Optical Fiber Solutions (OFS) in Norcross, GA completed their Local Bargaining April 22, 2016. The team which consisted of James Brown, President, Elma Bryant, Secretary, Duane Moore, Area Vice-President Day Shift, and staff support Karen Murphy were pleased that they reached a tentative agreement on some key issues for the members. One item was a way for the employee to clear his/her record of discipline in a timeline as opposed to it staying in his/her record permanently. The local did not move anything from local bargaining to the National table which is set to begin May 16, 2016 in Washington. The Local appreciates any support.

Updates on DirecTV Organizing




DirecTV Call Center Huntsville Alabama

We started our organizing campaign for the Direct TV Call Center on Feb. 28, 2016 with some great training given by  Sandy Rusher and Tracy Binkley. This would be our Local's first attempt to organizer outside of the traditional AT&T Companies. We were told that there were about 750 potential members. This would triple the size of our local. On Feb.29, 2016 we held 2 meetings with Direct TV employees that had previously contact our National Office. We had over 20 people to attend  through the session. It was clear to us that they had the same problems and concerns that all call centers had. We readily showed them we understood their issues and would be able to help achieve a better work place for them if they joined CWA. When we adjourned that day the plan was to set up meetings and start to organizing teams inside Direct TV. All of that changed around  March  04. We found out that IBEW had plans to start a campaign of their own. Local 3905 solicited the help of several members from different locals and states as well as our members and started our campaign early. By this I mean we had people handing out flyers and representation cards starting at6am until 9pm every day. We also had a room at a hotel not far from the call center. There Direct TV employees could come and talk to us about their center and what they wanted changed. They also were able to get answers about how a union works and the make up of CWA. Toward the end of the second week in March with over 60% cards signed we felt we should send our cards to AAA. IBEW had started their campaign and we felt we should go ahead with getting certified. On March 14, 2016 AAA certified that CWA District 3 would be the bargaining agent for the Direct TV Cal Center. Local 3905 and District 3 were the first to organize a Direct TV Call Center  in the Nation. we would like to thank everyone that help with this organizing drive, we don't want to list names because we might forget someone and that would be a shame. So thank you again from Local 3905. We have not been successful yet on obtaining a contract but we hope that will change soon.

DirecTV Technicians State of Alabama

It was decided that each state would organize the technicians, warehouse positions and any dispatchers etc. at the same time. Tracy Binkley, CWA Campaign Lead, coordinated these efforts. The campaign started around the end of March and before the end of April those technicians had also been organized. In order to talk to those technicians our members had to be at Direct TV locations before 6am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Those are the days the technicians come to the work center. Birmingham AL had a harder task. Their Technicians were spread out at multiple locations and they had some dispatchers and warehouse people. There were also some technicians loaned out to other states but with our network of local presidents we were able to reach out to those technicians and sign them up also.

It was a very hectic 2 months but we have stood firm in our belief we are going to create a better work place for these employees and we look forward to them becoming members and getting the best contract we can for them .

In Unity

CWA Local 3905




Tennessee DirecTV Techs Joined CWA Local 3805 Knoxville and CWA Local 3808 Nashville in April!

It’s official! In April over 200 Tennessee DirecTV techs, warehouse workers, and admin assistants joined CWA Local 3805 - Knoxville and CWA Local 3808 – Nashville.

Over 80% of combined locations signed authorization cards asking for CWA representation!

Knoxville Local 3805 President Ray Mehaffey, Executive Vice President Rocky Holloway, Wire Tech Rep Scott Hutchison along with Direct Tech Jimmy Smith and other DirecTV techs worked with the Knoxville and Rossville, GA DirecTV workers.

Nashville Local 3808 Executive Vice President Jose Zuniga, Wire Tech Jordan Demonbreun, 75/25 Organizer Darlene Stone along with DirecTV tech Ed Kimpel and other DirecTV Technicians worked with the workers at the La Vergne, TN DirecTV warehouse.

District 3 Organizing Coordinator Celia Cody oversaw the Tennessee campaign.

Knoxville began working with DirecTV in August 2015. Nashville began in November 2015. Both Locals met with Techs, Warehouse workers, and administrative assistants to build committees. The Locals also hand billed 5:30am to 8am three days a week at each warehouse in order to gain new contacts.

Authorization card signing began on March 1, 2016 and ended on March 28th. The election was certified on April 5, 2016.

Debbie Sisco CWA 3808 Nashville President “We’re excited to grow our local with DirecTV and happy these workers will now have a voice in their workplace”

Tim Hinson DirecTV technician LaVergne, TN “The main reason my fellow technicians and I wanted to join the CWA was to have equality and a unified set of standards and policies. We are also looking forward to a having a contract.”

Ray Mehaffey CWA 3805 Knoxville President “It was through systematic committee building and a strong committee that 98% of Knoxville DirecTV technicians and warehouse workers signed both CWA authorizations cards and also joined as CWA members at same time.”

Jimmy Smith Knoxville DirecTV Technician “I chose CWA because I wanted a better future for my family”.


DirecTV Workers continue to join CWA in record numbers.

Another 274 technicians, warehouse workers and administrative assistants joined CWA Local 3109 Pensacola, Florida; Local 3114 Panama City, Florida;  Local 3404 Covington, Louisiana; Local 3410 New Orleans, Louisiana; and Local 3611 Raleigh, North Carolina. The Locals in Florida, Louisiana and North Carolina began signing authorization cards in early April and on May 11, 2016 the American Arbitration Association certified that a majority of the workers of DirecTV in all three states wish to be represented by CWA District 3. These campaigns were successful because of the hard work, early morning visits and great leadership of Chad Catlett, Marsha Vaughn, Tom Nolan, Fred Croon, David Pierce, Lucas Jenkins, Charles Zardes, Steve Edler, Mike Fahy, Corey Pursche, Dexter Green, Jamie Centers and Paul Jones.   Please join me in welcoming our new units.


DirecTV Workers Join CWA in Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico

DirecTV Puerto Rico Sales Employees now have a voice in their workplace and are represented by Local 3010 in San Juan. Organizer Robert Mateo and Local Officers Maltbelle Ortiz, Rolando Hernandez and President Luis Benítez welcomes around 133 employees to our family. We appreciate the work done by activists all around the island and the compromise shown from day 1 to make this happen in little over a month.


On May 5 the AAA certified majority support for CWA among the Georgia DirecTV technician/warehouse/administrative unit. The 157 workers will be members of Locals 3212, 3217 and 3201. Local Presidents Caleb East, Chuck Gordon and Charlie Maxwell worked tirelessly to reach every single worker in the unit and we were able to file with 93% support (146/157).


Tom Smith-UCW Organizing Coordinator reports:

Yesterday, May 18th, AAA certified that 170 DTV techs have joined CWA. Credit goes to Local Presidents Mike Hodges, Kim Sadler, Shayne Scruggs, and Herman Junkin for their leadership. In addition to Bonnie Hestor, Jeremy Eason, Nick, Joe G., Johnathan Stanberry, Brent Rogers and Shrek from Local 3509; Michael Bishop and Timothy Maughon from Local 3511 and Matthew Howell from Local 3517.

CWA Local 3682 Officers attend Advanced
Labor School in Raleigh, NC

Janice Smithson, Secretary/Treasurer and Scott Butler, Group Vice-President of CWA local 3682, attended the Advanced Labor School in Raleigh, NC. It was held March 30 thru April 1st, 2016 and sponsored by the North Carolina State AFL-CIO. Mike Okum was the main instructor over the course of the 3 day school. Guest speakers Lisa Shearin from the NLRB, also Paul Smith, Narenda Ghosh and Grif Morgan. A tremendous amount of valuable information was given to better support our members.

PremTech/WireTech "Train-the-Trainer"

CWA Districts 3 & 4 are joining together and building a movement across the Districts to strengthen our bargaining power for Wire Techs and Prem Techs. The Districts joined together in Atlanta Georgia for our Wire/Prem Tech Train the Trainer. Very soon our District Wire Tech Trainers will begin working with Local Leaders across District 3 to set up educational classes for Wire Techs in your Local. These classes will give our members an overview of  CWA's bargaining history with AT&T/Bellsouth and train our members on how to build the solidarity that it will take to win future battles at the bargaining table.

CWA District 3 WireTechs
Atlanta, GA  "Train the Trainer"

PremTechs from CWA District 4 joined CWA District 3 WireTechs
in Atlanta, GA for "Train the Trainer"

UNION..What does it really mean?
Danny Acosta, Organizer, Local 3104

Give me a U; Give me an N; Give me an I; Give me an O; Give me an N
What does it spell?  
U N I O N.....What does it really mean??

Hello folks, did you ever take time to really know what our past brothers and sisters were thinking? I mean, I do organizing for my local and various locals in my area and part of my agenda is informing new employees, potential members of what a union does. Ironically, I never thought of this and I grew up with parents in a union. Now I get the whole concept of having a voice and that voice can be on any topic that arises. The most interesting part of being an organizer, is being creative. You need to be quick with responses, quick with an agenda that will engage your audience, coming up with answers that will not offend someone else, can be challenging.

Here is what I came up with. UNION can be broken down to this simple form, are you ready for this simple, yet powerful UNION message??
Well, before I give that to you, I want you to carry this message with passion, dignity, honor and with great pride.

Now, here we go..........

I spell UNION, simply yet creative in its own spelling and as powerful as you can be creative with, augh!! the anticipation your experiencing just wanting to know this simple yet powerful phrase, word or combination of letters, ok enough it is:

Yep! That's it!! UNI...ON.

OK your probably wondering what the heck is Danny talk about here???
First let me tell you, I've been union since day one, have had experience with unions in the past, but I've never ever been told this. Now your again wondering, but of course that's how you spell UNION, so what's the big deal.....
Well again this is true, U. N. I. O. N. does spell union, here's the powerful message behind it....

U N I O N:

Break it down, brothers and sisters.
UNIon.....Uni on what keeps us together, our rights,benefits,pay,equality and everything we stand for. That's right, I preach this everyday, YOUR UNION is made up of great people, but remember folks this is your union too. So again I say U N I on, any strength,weakness or solidarity, these letters combined are powerful and yet when you break em' down it is even more powerful.

So my brothers and sisters
Continue the fight
Keep the unity going.

May We Not/May We...
Phil Coldiron, President Local 3371

  1. May we not…. Push profit without passion for people
  2. May we not…. Rush into the future without regard for the past
  3. May we not….Work at pleasing the customer without compassion for employees (most of whom are customers also)
  4. May we not….Relinquish the fact that we are not adversaries, but should be partners in the business
  5. May we not….Forget to work together to build a business and a respect for our individual roles, goals and dreams
  6. May we not….Close the lines of communications or forget the art of listening
  7. May we not….Look away or look for a way to justify wrong, but realize that honesty is a worthy virtue
  8. May we not….Put policies and procedures before problem solving
  9. May we not….Forget that all cost savings procedures are not good and that some will be costly in the long haul
  10. May we………..Learn to disagree without being disagreeable



CWA District 3 Supports Verizon
Striking Workers


Atlanta, GA (Locals 3204, 3218, 3250, JWJ, DSA, United Way) - May 5, 2016


Atlanta, GA (Locals 3204, 3218, 3250, JWJ, DSA, UnitedWay) - May 5, 2016


CWA Local 3410 -New Orleans, LA - May 5, 2016

CWA Local 3410 - New Orleans, LA - May 5, 2016


CWA Local 3607 - Greensboro, NC - May 5, 2016


CWA Local 3607 - Greensboro, NC - May 5, 2016


CWA Local 3806 & UCW-CWA Local 3865 - May 13, 2016 "Adopt-A-Store"


CWA Local 3806 & UCW-CWA Local 3865 - May 13, 2016 "Adopt-A-Store"


CWA Local 3808 - Nashville, TN - May 5, 2016


CWA Local 3808 - Nashville, TN - "Shut it down" - May 5, 2016


CWA Local 3905 - Huntsville, AL - May 5, 2016


CWA Local 3905 - Huntsville, AL - May 5, 2016


CWA Local 3905 - Huntsville, AL -- May 5, 2016 R. T. Cutcher, Tri-State Musicians Union, Chattanooga, TN, Local 80 who is currently in Huntsville bargaining a contract for the Huntsville Symphony, joined us to support Verizon Workers.





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