CWA/Lumen COVID Vaccination Final Bargaining Report

In October 2021 Lumen notified CWA of their intent to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination for the unionized workforce.  Their decision was based on Executive Order 14042 Ensuring  Adequate  COVID Safety Protocols  for Federal  Contractors. CWA demanded to bargain over the effects of this policy. 

CWA & Lumen met multiple times throughout November exchanging information,  exchanging bargaining proposals and discussing the effects this would have on our members. On November 23, 2021 we reached an impasse and the Company will be implementing the policies listed on  the attached document. 

This includes a process for medical and religious exemptions and paid time off to get the vaccine.  For employees refusing to get a vaccination or an approved exemption there will be a 60 day leave of absence for reconsideration.  All benefits will remain in effect during the leave of absence. 

Please review the attached document and let us know if you have any questions. 

CWA Bargaining Committee

Jonathan Remington, CWA Staff District 2-13 Representing the T&T Office
Susie McAllister D7 Legacy Qwest Bargaining Agent
Lisa Avila D7 Legacy Qwest Bargaining Agent

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