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DEX/YP Bargaining update

DEX/YP Bargaining update

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, the parties met and exchanged several counters. We bargained intensely, and the Company provided some data that we questioned. This bargaining has been made even more difficult by the fact that the Company has provided information and data that is inaccurate or incomplete. The Company apologized to CWA for the inadequate responses to our information requests. The Company rejected all 7 proposals that CWA made. DEX/YP announced that its position was that we were too far apart, and it declared that the parties were at impasse and that it would implement its Last, Best and Final Offer. We stated our position that we cannot be at impasse because of outstanding information requests and our willingness to continue bargaining. The Company refused to continue bargaining. CWA intends to challenge the declared impasse by filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

What happens next: the Company intends to impose the terms of its Last, Best & Final offer. I will contact the Company to reiterate that CWA is willing to continue to bargain, and we will initiate the unfair labor practices with the NLRB. When I know the date on which the Company intends to implement their final offer I will let you know.

• Sales Drive: all employees start at the Midpoint of the compensation scale

• Termination pay for performance capped at 13 weeks

• Surplus by performance instead of seniority

• Reduction of vacation, PPT and sick time

• Place their Company’s Policy into the contract

• 2-year contract

• No average except for Short/Long term Disability, Winter closing and CWA Representatives while bargaining a contract

• Winter closing

• Two mileage program options, flat rate of $575 or current Motus program

• Virtual office monthly stipend of $100.00 per pay period

• Guarantee on Health care benefit, if management loses theirs for the life of the contract

• PPT can be carry over into the first quarter of 2019

• Retro only from 11/11/2018