DIRECTV Pension Plan Update

TO: DIRECTV Local Presidents

FROM: CWA DIRECTV Bargaining Committee

SUBJECT: DIRECTV Pension Plan Update

Dear DIRECTV Local Presidents,

Please see the attached notice regarding the DIRECTV Pension Plan that will be distributed today to employees. The Company provided the following summary of the updates:

Removed bargaining group information for groups that did not transfer to DTV (ex. Leg T IBEW; Leg T PR)

Removed dates that did not apply related to prior time periods.

Provided service credit for prior AT&T service for anyone moving from the AT&T Program to the DTV Program on the Effective Date.

Changed Plan Sponsor, Plan Administrator and tax information. See the Other Plan Information table for more information.

Removed special rules related to prior acquisitions, Interchange Company transfers, etc.

The attached is self-explanatory, but should you have any questions, please advise.


In Unity,


Your CWA Bargaining Committee:

Sylvia J. Ramos, Assistant to the Vice President – District 6

Domonique Thomas, Assistant to the Vice President – District 9

Pat Telesco, Area Director – District 1

Angela Wells, Administrative Director – District 3

Ron Gay, Jr., Staff Representative – District 4

Herman Junkin, Jr., Staff Representative – District 3

Mary Jo Reilly, Staff Representative - T&T

U N I T E D W E B A R G A I N . . . D I V I D E D W E B E G !!!!






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