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Final Bargaining Report CWA/AT&T - Tentative Agreements - BST & Utility Operations

The ratification date for the BST & Utility Operations tentative agreements is Tuesday, 10/01/2019. Each Local across District 3 will be conducting their own ratification vote and will report their Local results to the District 3 Office.  The District 3 Office will announce the final results on Tuesday, 10/01/2019 by 5:00P.M. Eastern.  

We have attached several documents for information purposes only.  These documents include every single part of the tentative agreements that were made at the bargaining table.  The attached documents are as follows:

1)  Sample Copy of the BST Ballot - (Your official ballot will come from your Local)
2)  Sample Copy of the Utility Operations Ballot - (Your official ballot will come from your Local)
3)  The Complete Tentative Agreement - Common Interests Table - (Wages, Benefits, Pension, Etc. for Both Contracts)
4)  The Complete Tentative Agreement - BST Table - (BellSouth Telecommunications Contract)
5)  Complete Tentative Agreement - Utility Operations Table - (BellSouth Utility Operations Contract)
6)  Wages & Benefits Calculator - (2019 through 2024)
7)  2019 Bargaining Summary 

** Please remember that each Local will be conducting their own ratification vote.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the ratification process, you should contact your Local.  

2019 Ballot Booklet BST

2019 Ballot Booklet Utilities


TA-Utilities Operations

Wages & Benefits Calculator


2019 Bargaining Summary