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Final Bargaining Report - CWA-ATT Mobility

District 3 Tentative Agreement
AT&T Mobility Final Bargaining Report

As with all the other Mobility contracts, the one we just bargained in District 3 involved difficult bargaining.  In light of the company's position on economic issues, and the represented status in the bargaining unit, the bargaining team believes we achieved the best contract possible. This is a tentative agreement until ratified by majority vote of members voting in a secret ballot election.  The Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends ratification of this agreement.

Meanwhile, here are some of the highlights on the key issues of the new tentative agreement.

  • $500.00 bonus upon ratification
  • Wages:   
    • Wage increase across the board of 2.75% Retroactive to 3/26/10
    • 2.25% Eff 2/6/2011
    • 2.5%  Eff: 2/5/2012
    • 2.5% Eff 2/3/2013
  • Adding three new Titles which involves Upgrades for approximately 806 employees in Call Centers
  • Upgrade Wireless Technician I to Wireless Technician II

Article 7:  Grievance Procedure

 Sec 3. Increased time for appealing to Step 2 from 15 days to 30 days

  ……  New Section to add provision for Executive level grievances

Article 12: Hours of Work

Company will change process to enable employees in Retail to see preferences made by other employees and days that have been selected for vacation, floating Holidays and Excused Work Days prior to making their preferences. In the Centers employees will also be able to view what tours are available prior to making their preferences so they will know what is available by seniority.

(In addition, we still have the arbitration case dealing with the Scheduling Tool)

Article 14: Force Adjustment

Sec 1.  Increased surplus notification from 30 days to 60 days if it involves a surplus of 50 or more employees.

Sec 4.  Increased Severance pay maximum from $12,000 to $16,000

Article 17: Company-Union Relationship

Sec 5. Increase Union time from 240 hours to 320 and for Locals representing 150 or more  Mobility employees from 480 hours to 960 hours.

Article 18: Union Activities

Added language that material on Union Bulletin Boards will be removed only by an Official Union Representative

Article 19: Basis of Compensation

Sec 4.   Increase On-Call pay from $20.00 per day to $34.00

Sec 8.   Add management relief differential for employees assigned to perform managerial opening  or closing (Key Holder) responsibilities in Retail stores.

Sec 10.   Add a $2.00 per day differential for part-time Call Center employees assigned to speak in a  foreign language

Article 21: Absences

Sec 2a.   Add language that if personal leave is approved, earned time will not have to be taken prior to the leave being taken.

Sec 4.   Employees subpoenaed in a court case in which they are a party shall be excused without pay.

Article 22: Vacations

Added language for part time employees that pro-rated vacation pay will be based on hours worked rather than scheduled hours

Article 23: Holidays

Excluded Floating & Designated Holidays from requirement to work the day before and after  unless the Designated Holiday is scheduled by management.

Added language for part time employees that pro-rated holiday pay will be based on hours  worked rather than scheduled hours

Article 24. Excused Days with Pay

Sec 2.  Changed two (2) hour increments to one (1) hour increments

Sec 5.  Added language for part time employees that pro-rated pay for Excused days will be based  on hours worked rather than scheduled hours.

Duration of agreement: March 27, 2010 to February 7, 2014

Renewed the following Letters of Agreement: 

  • Strategic Alliance Committee 
  • DMDR Chargebacks 
  • Subcontracting 
  • Memphis Distribution Center – Tow Motors 
  • Memphis Distribution Center Leadership Forum

Revised the following Letters of agreement:

  • Call Quality Observation – Same language as in the Orange contract
  • Quota Relief – reduced the number of hours required from 40 to 8 for use in discipline, no change for use in pay.

In Unity,

Your Mobility Bargaining Team