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Frontier COVID-19 Bargaining Report #5

14 Dec, 2021

In late October, Frontier notified CWA that they determined it was necessary to apply its Covid-19 vaccine mandate to all of its employees, including the unionized workforce, to assure they would be in full compliance with the federal mandate applicable to federal contractors. 

CWA requested to bargain over the effects that a mandate may have on our members. Negotiations began on November 3, 2021. The parties had several bargaining meetings and continued to exchange proposals over the terms of the proposed policy, its implementation and its effect on our members.

 On December 7, 2021 Frontier indicated that they were on the verge of making a last best final offer to the union and intended to implement it. Subsequently, a federal judge in the Southern District of Georgia issued an Order imposing a nationwide stay the federal contractor vaccine mandate the same day. 

This stay does not prevent employers from having their own vaccination policy. After taking several days to consider how they would proceed, Frontier gave CWA a revised proposal which reflects recent legal developments concerning the federal contractor vaccine mandate. 

The revised proposal designates the date of implementation as “to be determined” for any unpaid leaves and termination of employees who are not vaccinated or who have not requested a legally recognized accommodation. This means that Sections 4 and 6 of the Company’s proposal are “on hold” pending further discussions between the parties. Once the Company notifies the Union of a proposed start date for Section 4, further negotiations would resume. 

CWA has not agreed to Frontiers proposal. However, Frontier notified CWA today that they intend to implement their revised proposal and abide by all Sections, other than Sections 4 and 6, noting that Section 11 is contingent on implementation of those Sections. 

The Company plans to notify its CWA-represented employees on or before December 14, 2021 that all employees are required to complete the vaccination survey and if applicable, submit requests for an accommodation required by law by January 4, 2022.  

CWA Bargaining Committee: Gladys Finnigan, District 1
Lynn Johnson, District 9

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