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October 2019 Newsletter #15

The North Carolina Local Presidents 


The North Carolina Local Presidents presented Harold Black and Grant Welch an award, recognizing them for their devotion and dedication to CWA’s National and State Legislative/Political Programs.


Left to right back row Patrick Locklear, Curtis Shew, Paul Jones, Grant Welch, Harold Black, Mike Dolan, Captain Jack Reynolds, Left to right front row Curtis Mitchell, Scott Bumgarner, Billy Hunt



Left to right Grant Welch & Harold Black






Making History

During a campaign stop in Atlanta, newly elected Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama Steven L. Reed spoke with District 3 Civil Rights and Equity Chairperson, Frederick Smith about worker’s rights and the role of Labor in the south. 
“He is very attentive to the community, and has some great ideas regarding inclusiveness for all” said Smith. I specifically admired that he plans to do more for mental health issues in the Montgomery area as well as work with existing labor unions.”