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Tentative Agreement at DirecTV // 2023 DIRECTV Care and Distribution Center Bargaining Report

After five weeks of bargaining with the company, we are happy to announce we have reached a Tentative Agreement at DirecTV in the Southeast. Some of the highlights are listed below, and more information will be provided to you by your local president in the near future. We can’t express enough how important the support from each of you has been. Your support gave us the strength to stand up to the company and demand a fair contract! Together, we can achieve so much!

Some highlights from the Tentative Agreement:

  • A General Wage Increase of 5% year one and 3%+COLA in the remaining years
  • A third healthcare option that would provide coverage with lower monthly premiums
  • Title consolidation to newly created titles of Video Support Specialist and Video Support
    Specialist (WFH)
  • Paid Holiday’s increased from 7 to 8, adding Martin Luther King day
  • Extended the Employee Service Commitment (ESC), which now includes the
    Distribution Center located in South Haven, MS
  • Increased job security with a guarantee of call percentages
  • Increased maximum severance pay from $18,000 to $20,000
  • Overtime paid after working 8 hours in a single day instead of 11

In Unity,

CWA DirecTV Bargaining Team
Demetrice Lee - CWA Local 3806
Bryan Vallandingham - CWA Local 3371
Mustafa Hassan - CWA Local 3905
Andee Hubbard - Co-Chair
Kelvin Banks - Chair