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Utilities Bargaining report #1

Brothers and Sisters,

Today we officially opened negotiations with AT&T Southeast. Vice President Richard Honeycutt gave an opening statement that let the company know we are here to bargain in good faith and expect nothing less than a fair and equitable contract for our members. He pointed out that during these negotiations we demand respect and recognition for our work in building this company and need to be fairly compensated for all our efforts. VP Honeycutt noted that CEOs come and go but it is our members who have been and remain loyal to this company and deserve to be properly compensated. We demand job security, more jobs, less contractors, improved work rules, and a better work life balance.

Your Utility Operations bargaining team is here to represent you and get the best contract possible. We have an experienced team that is very knowledgeable of the issues that Machine Operators face daily as well as the bargaining process and sitting at multiple bargaining tables. We are here working hard for you, we have reviewed all of your suggestions, have prepared proposals and are here to fight.

Fight for more in 2024!

In Unity,

Your Utilities Bargaining team
Gail "Bubba" Shewalter
Eric Adams
Isa Shabazz