Windstream COVID Mandate Effects Bargaining Report #3

CWA met with the Company December 9, 2021, for members of all bargaining units at Windstream, regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine mandate. The Company reiterated that their position is to mandate the vaccine only in an effort to comply with law as it relates to the Executive Order. 

Due to a recent nationwide injunction against a vaccine mandate issued by a federal judge in Georgia, the requirement for Windstream employees to be vaccinated against COVID is being paused. Both the Company and CWA do encourage being vaccinated but at this time it is not mandatory. 

The Company and CWA will continue to monitor developments with the Court decision. If the vaccine mandate does move forward, the Company and CWA will resume negotiations over the effects. 

In Unity, 

Brian Sawyer, Temporary CWA Staff Representative

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