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2015 CWA ATT SE Bargaining Report #30

Your bargaining team continues to meet with the company.  We have proposed to upgrade Wage Scale 21 to Wage Scale 27.  We insist that the company improve the work life in the Consumer and Finance environments.  We once again proposed to give quota relief to employees on an excused or approved absence.  They should not be punished.  We have also proposed strengthening safety language in the contract.  Employees’ health and safety are important and should not be overlooked.

The company is tyrannically defying the needs of our members and their families.  We work in modern day sweat shops.  We have management who talk to us like we are subservient, even though we passed the same tests as they have.  The company uses safety for discipline, but scoffs at its everyday application.  We are extremely perplexed that a profitable company of this size creates and fosters a hostile work environment. 

We will continue to stand strong for what is morally correct, not what seems correct in the corporate light.  A corporation is a group of people authorized to act as a single entity. We are a group of people just as they are.  Corporate executives put their pants on just like we do!  We deserve a fair contract and we deserve decent healthcare.  We are REAL people with REAL families and will be treated as such.

Infrangible: unbreakable, inviolable

Thanks to Kevin Celata, CWA-NETT Academy for the wonderful dinner, Local 3310 for the Kentucky Fried Chicken, Local 3201 for the pecans, Billy O’Dell and family for the basket of candy, and the Locals in the State of Tennessee for the spirited tub of goodies.  It is loud and clear that the members of District 3 are behind us.


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Your Bargaining Committee

Mike Fahrenholt – CWA Rep District 3 – Chair
Thelma Dunlap – Administrative Director District 3 – Co-Chair
David Betz – Alabama
Jonathan Campbell – Kentucky
Herman Junkin – Mississippi
Al Guillory – Louisiana
Johnny Hernandez – Florida
Chris Myrick – North Carolina
Jason LaPorte – South Carolina
Gene Redd – Georgia
Robert Santucci – Tennessee