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2015 CWA ATT Utility Operations Bargaining Report #4

Your Utility Operations CWA Bargaining Team met with the Company for the second time.  The Company rejected the Union’s proposal to bring Utility Operations into the core contract. They also passed proposals to eliminate the inclement weather letter, add a temporary employee classification, to allow uniforms into the uniform program that are not made in America and to ban the use of pins and buttons on uniforms. 

The union passed proposals to add work to our scope of work and improve benefits. We also had discussions regarding occupational safety and health issues and thirteen days on/one off scheduling.

Today, the Union will caucus around the proposals submitted as we continue to review and draft proposals to make improvements to the contract.

Continue to mobilize; we have a long way to go. Wear red/orange on Thursdays and blue on Mondays.


Your Bargaining Committee:

Billy O’Dell – CWA Rep District 3 – Chair
Ben Price – Kentucky
Gail Shewalter – South Carolina
Jason LaPorte – South Carolina