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2015 CWA YP Bargaining Report # 8

We met with Company this afternoon and began discussions over where the negotiations currently stand and what are the dates planned for the remainder of the year.

In addition, we discussed the fact that there are many in the sales force who have expressed their desire to seek employment elsewhere if there is no change in the current compensation plan on the horizon.

The Company has invited the architect of the new compensation plan to join us tomorrow in order to get a better understanding of the contemplated compensation plan and the reason for the delay in sharing the plan with your Bargaining Committee.

On the table for discussion is of course the compensation plans for sales representatives and for the clerical staff and also the projected roll-out timeline and the new roles and responsibilities of each sales person.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning December 1, 2015

In Unity,

M.M. Smith - Chairperson
Gary Lawrence
J.R Rhodes