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2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #1


2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #1 01/24/2023 

Your mobility bargaining committee met today with AT&T Company representatives, and each Chair gave opening remarks prior to start of bargaining. The company gave a statement about purpose and their need to grow the business. CWA Committee Chair gave opening remarks emphasizing that the bargaining committee was determined to let our members be heard and taken seriously. The Chair spoke on compensation, benefits, job security, and work-life balance, just to name a few. The Chair closed his remarks with comments on the pandemic, rising inflation, how our Mobility members make AT&T successful, and our demand that they share in the success of the company. 

The Union then passed numerous proposals to address concerns that were submitted by members and Locals across District 3. The company asked clarifying questions regarding the union proposals. The company only had three proposals to present today. One was on benefits, and the others were Holidays and Illness/Injury. The Union said we would give their proposals consideration and respond at a later date. Thanks for all your support…stay CWA STRONG!

 In unity,

 Your Bargaining Committee,

 Kelvin Banks (Chair)

 Andee Hubbard (Co-Chair)
 Mindy Boldon, Local 3108
 Karen Nagjee, Local 3204
 Tammy Harmon, Local 3406
 Rodney Hughes, Local 3607