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2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #10


2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #10 2/9/2023

 Today your Bargaining Committee was hard at work for our members. We met with the company throughout the day to have in-depth conversations about wages. We will continue to have laser-like focus on these extremely important issues until our contract is finalized. Tomorrow, we want EVERYONE to mobilize and wear BLACK!! Your Bargaining Committee will work late hours until our contract expires, and we want to see your pictures. We appreciate all your support, and we are going strong until we WIN! 

Thank you to CWA Local 3905, who provided a fantastic dinner for the Bargaining Committee. Thank you so much!

 In unity, 

Your Bargaining Committee,

 Karen Nagjee, Local 3204
 Tammy Harmon, Local 3406
 Mindy Boldon, Local 3108 
Rodney Hughes, Local 3607
 Andee Hubbard (Co-Chair)
 Kelvin Banks (Chair)