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2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #6


2023 Mobility Bargaining Report #6 2/3/2023 

Your bargaining committee met with the company and worked until the late hours in the evening. The union presented proposals for our members regarding holiday schedules, vacation, bereavement, and mandatory overtime. The company and the union are working hard trying to improve the work-life balance of all of our members. Your bargaining committee also passed a proposal about parental leave. The union and the company had lengthy discussions about our work-from-home department and job security concerns for our members. We want to ensure that District 3 has plenty of work for now and in the future. Both parties agree a committee should be established to discuss work-from-home concerns in greater depth. We will continue to do what is best for our members, and as always..stay union strong!! 

The bargaining committee would like to send a special thank you and union clap to Local 3611, who graciously provided a delicious dinner for the bargaining committee. We are working 12-14 hour days, and it was so kind of Local 3611 to feed us. Thank you!

 In unity, 

Your Bargaining Committee,

 Karen Nagjee, Local 3204
 Tammy Harmon, Local 3406
 Mindy Boldon, Local 3108
 Rodney Hughes, Local 3607
 Andee Hubbard (Co-Chair)
 Kelvin Banks (Chair)