The CWA District 3 website has a new design and a new domain name (
This week, call center workers at federal contractor Maximus, who answer Medicare and Affordable Care Act Marketplace lines, went on a two day strike demanding affordable healthcare and an end to poverty wages.
The latest organizing information for Raven Software, Qualtek Tower Climbers, America’s Test Kitchen, the Financial Times, and more.
The average worker would work 912 years, working until the year 2922 A.D. to equal Randall Stephenson's 2009 compensation.
Bargaining between the CWA and AT&T for the National Internet Contract began on June 21 in Dallas, Texas.
This is to announce that the ND/CA contract has been ratified. The results are 52% Yes and 48% No.
CWA bargainers, under the direction of Chair Bill Bates, have reached agreement with Avaya. Avaya representatives came to the table speaking from one side of their mouths requesting unprecedented concessionary demands, and speaking from the other side wanting to bargain a fair contract.
This District is proud to announce that the CWA ATT Mobility Contract ratified today. The results were 68% YES 32% NO.
We have reached a Tentative Agreement on a new 3 year contract. The highlights are as follows: