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CWA has been in bargaining for the past two weeks. and Century Link have agreed to extend the contract until 4/17/2020.

We need all members to keep up the mobilization efforts, and if you haven’t participated in mobilization, please start. With the COVID 19 pandemic, we are in uncharted waters, and we are bargaining via Skype, conference call. We are not meeting face to face in our usual way of negotiation. This method is not ideal pertaining to the passing of the proposal, actually looking at the Company in the eye when they are full of it.

Several proposals were passed and reviewed by each bargaining team.

Here are the proposals that passed:
Article 3.03 Discipline, Article 8 Layoff, Article 9.12 Cross Jurisdiction, Article 7 Overtime, Article 10.03 Callout, Article 11.01 Contracting, Article 24.07 Standby, and Article 25.02 Footwear.

The proposal the Company passed:
Combining job titles, CST 1 to CST 2, Article 2.09, Layoff notice, Cross-Jurisdictional Assignment, Article 10.13 Scheduling, and Contracting Overtime, just to name a few. The Company’s proposals are retrogressive and quite shameful, and it appears they are not serious about obtaining a fair contract for our bargaining employees by 4/17/2020. Century Link is a 23 Billion dollar company, and we are only asking what is fair, since we are the ones who built this Company. is ramping up mobilization efforts. Please support the bargaining team by participate when ask to mobilize to obtain a fair contract.

Your Bargaining team

Ken Grit
Kevin Goins
Wesley Kirby
Greg Douglas